The mission of the Robert John Russo Gallery’s Philanthropy Department is to provide artwork to raise money for charity, while gaining exposure for our gallery. Each season we partner with a few select organizations to help achieve this goal. To date, our gallery has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and has helped promote and foster arts appreciation in the philanthropy world.


We specialize in works on paper by Modern Masters, including: Chagall, Dali, Matisse, Miro, Picasso and Renoir. We can provide these prestigious artworks for an auction, with minimum bids that start at least half of the gallery price. While we are aware organizations would ideally like to receive only donated items, the quality and expense of the art we offer, make it impossible for us to fully donate all the artwork. Rather, we donate one work of art 100% and offer additional works only at cost, so that all the profit goes to the organization. With this arrangement, the organization is guaranteed to benefit but not limited to a single piece and can maximize on the fundraising potential of the artwork.